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Gil Chartier


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Gil Chartier has served as an expert in the Midstream sector for over 25 years. As one of the Founders of Engineering & Terminal Services and as its Chief Operating Officer, he brings hands-on expertise in Engineering Management, Project Management, and Environmental Management executing complex Petrochemical Terminal projects.

His project experience encompasses various roles including the following: Design Engineering: His decades of design experience in the Midstream Industry includes Pipelines, Pump Systems, Firewater Systems, Rail and Truck Loading/Unloading, Manifold Piping, Waste-Water and other infrastructures commonly required in Petrochemical Terminals.

Project Management: Consists of Project Design Execution, Cost Control, Maintaining Schedule, and Change Requests. Coordination and communication with Engineering, Marketing, Operations Personnel and Contractors.

Environmental Management: His experience with Environmental Permitting has proven to be a key factor helping our clients find solutions to reduce emissions and have projects built at reduced costs. He is adept at working with governmental regulatory agencies such as TCEQ, EPA, GLO, RRC, and DOT.

Gil serves as a Senior Project Manager with vast experience managing, reviewing, directing and executing industrial projects in North America and the Caribbean. He has also analyzed and participated in several projects in Mexico and Central America. What differentiates Gil from other Engineers is that his first 8 years were spent in the field at a Petrochemical Storage Facility with Maintenance and Operations staff. This early experience was invaluable as he learned what could go wrong in a storage terminal and how to apply engineering design to both address and prevent those problems for his future clients.

Gil was a Dean’s List student and holds a Bachelors’ of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.

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